As one of the most popular model from Accutone, the Aquarius is not just about colors. It is also the lightest
in-ear headphone of its kind. The "water-droplet" housing design is both elegant and ergonomic, making it
one of the most comfortable headphone in the market. The pastel colors are perfect complements to the

High-Grade 5mm Loudspeakers
Do not be fooled by the colorful and fashionable
appearance of the Aquarius. It is one of the
best headphone of its class, in terms of size
and audio performance.

One look at the Aquarius's small and compact
design, you will be amazed by the audio output
it can produce. The magic is in the high-grade
5mm loudspeakers, custom-built and specially-
tuned to Class A setting, for a sweet yet
powerful balanced audio.

Made for iPhone
Designed to be the perfect companion for
Apple products, the Aquarius is Made for
iPhone. Comes equipped with Apple's
certified microphone, the 3-button digital
inline control allow adjustments to iPhone's
volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as
simply make and end calls.


Accessories Included
The Aquarius comes with three
different sizes of standard silicon ear-
buds, leatherette headphone zipper
bag, cable-winder and user manual.

Truly one of the smallest and lightest
headphone with such powerful output,
it's time to choose your favorite color.