Gold is hot again. But it's all about the bass for the Gemini. The sound from this minimalistic headphone
can really blow you away. Bone-crunching bass performance with a special blend of metallic sound from
the gold-chromed aluminum chamber makes the Gemini the best Prosumer grade headphone option for
enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Strongest Bass Output
The Gemini is truly one of a kind. It is by-far the
best headphone for bass-lovers. Equipped with a
pair of proprietary-designed 9mm mylar speakers
tuned to Class B (Bass-Enhancement) settings,
it delivers one of the strongest and deepest bass
output of its class. Furthermore, to balance out
an overextended bass resonance, the Gemini's
genuine metallic chamber gives a cleaner, crisper
metallic sound for the mid and high tones.

Multiple Platform Compatible
Another highlighted feature of the Gemini,
besides its strong audio performance is
its multiple platform compatibility.

The Gemini comes with Accutone's unique
rotatory inline volume control allowing
the slighest sound adjustments under any
operating systems including iOS and

Android. A special-designed external microphone
module with an universal answer button
is also included.

Comply Premium Earphone Tips
The Gemini is proud to feature Comply Premium
Earphone Tips. Perhaps more so than any other
headphone models, Gemini is designed to be the
perfect partner with this high-grade memory
foam tips.

By allowing superb noise-isolation from the heat-
forming of the foam to an individual's ear-canal,
the Comply tips greatly enhances the headphone's
already powerful bass performance.


Accessories Included
The Gemini also comes with three
different sizes of standard silicon ear-
buds, leatherette headphone pouch,
cable-winder and user manual.

For those of us who enjoys our music
with strong rhythm and bass, this is
definitely the only headphone we will
ever need.