The Gemini HD is the state-of-the-art headphone from Accutone, both in terms of build and audio quality.
Holding it in hand, you will immediately notice the weight and substance of this premium-grade product.
Built completely from stainless steel and recyclable aluminum, its tactile feel is absolutely amazing.

HD Clarity Beryllium Speakers
What’s inside is equally amazing. Powered by a
pair of high-end 8mm beryllium loudspeakers,
the Gemini HD has superb audio clarity and
responsiveness. By default, it is tuned to Class
C settings for Clarity, but its unique Audio Nozzle
design allows customization to various bass-
boosting levels.

Audio Tuning Nozzles
Gemini HD is the first headphone to offer
our proprietary patent-pending audio tuning
nozzles. Designed to allow users to tune its
audio settings by switching different nozzles.

Comes with three pairs of nozzles: CLEAR
for clarity and responsiveness, BALANCE
for full-spectrum smoothness, and WARM
for a bass-enhanced experience.

Comply Premium Earphone Tips
Gemini HD, along with various Pro-line models,
is proud to feature Comply Premium Earphone
Tips. Aside from being supremely comfortable,
these memory foam tips provide extra noise-
isolation by heat-forming to each individual’s
ear canal.

When used together with a WARM-setting
nozzle, the bass output of the Gemini HD is
greatly enhanced, meanwhile retaining superb
sound responsiveness.


Accessories Included
The Gemini HD comes with an extra
pair of Comply Premium Earphone
Tips, leatherette headphone pouch,
cable-winder and user manual.

Stainless-steel casing, high-grade
Beryllium speakers and audio tuning
nozzles together make this product
one of the most premium headphone
you can find anywhere.