Obsessive with Black. The Pegasus is all about different shades and finishing of black, and it’s designed for
people who must have everything in black. Simple is best, the Pegasus' minimalistic design is not only an
easy match to your fashion taste, it's classic appeal is longlasting and timeless.

Speaker Alignment
The Pegasus is not just about looks. Using
a special speaker alignment method, we are
able to fit a 9mm speaker inside the compact
structure without sacrificing audio

Designed to fit completely inside your ear,
the Pegasus is highly comfortable as well as
acoustically powerful. Tuned to Class B for
bass-enhancement, it is perhaps the most
bone-shattering headphone for its size.

Made for iPhone
Designed to be the perfect companion for
Apple products, the Pegasus is Made for
iPhone. Comes equipped with Apple's
certified microphone, the 3-button digital
inline control allow adjustments to iPhone's
volume, skip songs, activate Siri as well as
simply make and end calls.


Accessories Included
The Pegasus comes with three
different sizes of standard silicon ear-
buds, leatherette headphone zipper
bag, cable-winder and user manual.

If you are looking for a bass-driven
headphone with eye-catching sharp
colors, Pegasus is the best you can