Most often, the measurement of how well a high-end audio headphone performs is based on how powerful
the bass output is. This of course is a misunderstanding, as there are many different types of music and many
different user preferences. Many users will gladly sacrifice the heart-pounding bass for a more details in the
full range of the audio spectrum.

And the Pisces HD is the ultimate solution for true
HD-level detailed clarity. Equipped with a pair of
8mm high-grade Beryllium speakers, it offers
unparalleled performance in sound responsiveness.
Distinct trebles, mid-tones and bass are clearly
noticeable while sounds are quickly withdrawn
without leaving any trace of "mirkyness".


On top of using Pro-Grade speaker element,
the Pisces HD is also one of a few products
in the market to offer detachable cable.

Using industry-standard MMCX connector,
the detachable cable features Accutone's
proprietary Spin Cable design, allowing two
methods of wearing style: behind-the-ear
and straight-down style.
Due to the detachable cable design, Pisces
HD allows dual platform digital control. By
switching the cables, it becomes natively
compatible across Apple and Android OS.

Along with various other models, the Pisces HD
is proud to feature Comply Premium Earphone
Tips. Aside from being superemly comfortable,
these memory foam tips provides extra noise-
isolation by heat-forming to each individual's

Most importantly, Comply tips when used with
the Pisces HD, greatly enhanced its bass audio
performance, adding extra bass boost to this
clarity-tuned headphone.

The Perfect Gift.

The Pisces HD also comes with three
different sizes of standard silicon ear-
buds, leatherette headphone pouch,
cable-winder and user manual.

Using high-grade Beryllium speakers
gives this Pisces its HD ranking, and
it is definitely the best clarity-tuned
headphone you can find.