A true innovation, the Taurus is packed with original features and tuned to audio excellence. Aside from the
unique casing design with piano-black glossy finishing, the Taurus is the only headphone from Accutone to
offer bass output adjustments. It also comes with Accutone's own Spin Cable technology, allowing two
different wearing style.

Bass Tuning Technology
Strong bass output oftens sacrifice clarity of overall
sound performance. This is a fact until now. Taurus
is the first and only headphone from Accutone to
allow users to choose their preferred audio settings.
By turning the Bass-Tuning Knob on the back of the
headphone, users can change to level of bass output
best suited for different types of music. By default,
the Taurus is tuned to Class B audio settings for the
most powerful bass performance for its size.

Detachable MMCX Cables
The Taurus comes in two versions: standard
and MMCX version.

Both versions offer Spin Cable design,
allowing two methods of wearing style:
behind-the-ear and straight-down style, by
rotating the cable to different angles.

Using industry-standard MMCX connector,
the MMCX version offers the detachable
cable design, allowing easy replacement
and dual platform digital control. By
switching the cables, it becomes natively
compatible across Apple and Android OS.

Comply Premium Earphone Tips
Along with various other models, the Taurus
is proud to feature Comply Premium Earphone
Tips. Aside from being superemly comfortable,
these memory foam tips provides extra noise-
isolation by heat-forming to each individual's

Most importantly, Comply tips when used with
the Taurus, greatly enhances its already superb
bass audio performance.


Accessories Included
The Taurus also comes with three
different sizes of standard silicon ear-
buds, leatherette headphone pouch,
cable-winder and user manual.

A truly amazing headphone both in
design and features, the Taurus has
something for everyone, whether
you are a professional musician or a
music lover.