March 10, 2014
Accutone Launches Online Store


Revamp of the audio product website finally brings online purchase to the wide range of headphone products.


The Accutone audio product range has been an amazing successful story. Since its offline retail launch in 2011, our products are being sold in more than eleven countries. We are excited about this, but this isn't enough as one of the most frequent request we get from users outside our distribution countries is they want to buy genuine Accutone products online.


Counterfeit problems are not uncommon within our industry, and unfortunately, the success of Accutone's products makes it profitable for illegal speculators. Just like most of our competitors, our loyals customers can easily be misguided to various online shops selling our products at discounted prices.


There is of course no guarantee on quality for these counterfeit products, and our customers thinking these to be genuine suffers either believing they over- paid on their legitimate purchases or worse, left with poorly-built fake products.


This is precisely why we're very excited to announce that, as of today, the online shop is fully functional, accepting worldwide orders on our entire range of audio products.


However, we cannot be the only legitimate online shop, as the reason Accutone has been successful in the offline market is due to the strong network of our distributing partners. The same applies here, which is why we will list all of the Accutone Geunine Online Partners (AGOP) here for your reference.


We sincerely encourage our loyal customers to buy directly from our network if you wish to buy online, as this can guarantee the price, quality and services from the brand you love.


For more information about AGOP and Counterfeit issues, please contact



January 14, 2014
Audio Advice
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